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Every student has a story

In order to provide this unparalleled experience to each and every student, more funding is required. It cost over a thousand dollars to put a student through our program. 



Seth: More than anything, robotics has taught me responsibility. Instead of going up and asking for someone to do it for you, you have to learn how to do it yourself! A ton of scrap metal, wood, and screws? Make a robot out of it! Going into robotics for the first time with zero experience, zero knowledge of how it worked, and never having handled a tool was like walking onto a soccer field with the pros and being told you had to play the game with your legs tied together. It taught me that even though the challenge seemed impossible, with determination, hard-work, zip-ties and duct tape, the job CAN be done! :) Seth 

Brocton Nunns This year I've learned that, as long as it is completing the task, being simple is nothing to be ashamed of but actually preferred in many engineering tasks.

Gabby: This year I learned a lot about outreach and making connections. Throughout the course of build season, and even after, we gained valuable sponsors by spreading the word of STEM and by going to the doors of local companies. Along with the many other important skills we gained-like machining, design and prototyping process, and working as a team-the skills we gained in outreach not only helped us build an awesome robot and make it to worlds, but will help us spread the word of STEM and help us all throughout our lives.

Sean McKeever: I learned this year that an idea can only go so far, working with a team and trial and error are the greatest ways to complete a project.


Evan: This was my first year in Robotics, going into it I didn't know what to expect and I was a little nervous, what I found was that I really enjoyed learning about how to strategize and learn about the game and what challenges we needed to overcome. And then learning how to customize our robot to overcome the challenges set before us, and how to measure and customize our robot to fit different measurements. I Learned so much this year from strategizing to mechanics Loved this year and and this team they were the best part this year and all the new friends that I made!

Joshie - I learned about safety. I learned about cutting machines. I learned how to be on a team and about winning and losing. I also learned the FRC Krawler app that made me feel like a genius! I feel excited about Phoenix because it is a good team.

Rachel Harris: "Though Joshie learned a lot of great skills like safety and machining, there were other skills that he was able to acquire that he wouldn't be able to in other forums because of his autism. He was able to have a place among peers to realize his self worth, learn how to be flexible with schedules and opportunities, the importance of teamwork especially not ever being part of any kind of team before. Josh also learned the idea of what a team even means and how to function in one and finding his own talents that could be brought to the table. Being there for his team through the beginning to the end, and his teammates not allowing it to be any other way is something he would never be able to experience any other place. Thank you to Team Phoenix for not just being inclusive to someone with special needs, but always putting forward the attitude of, "Everyone has something to contribute".

Emanuel: I learned about teamwork , learned how to build a robot and the work that goes into it . How to use different tools. I had fun.

A letter from Seth Borja

There are many experiences in life; some forgettable and some you remember for a lifetime. My name is Seth, I am a fifteen year old home educated high-school student and I am blessed to be a part of one such awesome event. 

I never had much of an interest in engineering or technology, both were intimidating subjects to me; ideas of the far future for college.   

Late last year, I ventured into this unknown territory, and joined a FIRST robotics team based in La Mirada; it has been one of the best choices I have ever made. 

With a group of equally opinionated students, we had to learn to work together, to think clearly and rationally in times of stress, and most of all to respect each other despite differences. Through dedication and hard work, as well as the inevitable learning of life lessons, we have progressed from a place of very little experience and a truckload of prototyping wood… 

…to a fully functioning robot capable of competing in the FIRST robotics competition, FRC!  

Throughout this time, I have developed confidence in myself, learned about engineering, and acquired skills with various tools. Anxious and slightly intimidated at the challenge ahead, my team and I competed at FRC’s Orange County Regional at the University of California Irvine, and we were blown away by the outcome. Our robot, designed and constructed by a group of teenagers in a small garage, not only competed well, but incredibly well! Our robot soared past quarter-finals, and then progressed to semi-finals where we came just shy of victory. But that was not the end…

…In a fantastic turn of events, our team was ranked 7th out of 52 teams, and we were blessed with the Highest Rookie Seed Award, placing us as the highest ranking rookie team in the entire tournament. Not only that, Phoenix went on to win the Rookie All Star Award, which qualifies us for World Championships in Houston, Texas. 

With this challenge ahead of us, very little time, and exhausted funds, I ask you to please consider sponsoring our team. We anticipate the cost to be $8,000.00 to $10,000.00 dollars, to cover registration and travel expenses for the team; any donation will be greatly appreciated. If the donations fall short, all funds will go to next year’s robotics team to ensure that other people, like me, can explore the amazing world of FIRST robotics.
     Yours Truly, 
             ~Seth Borja (Team Phoenix, 6554)