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Alpha was built for the 2017 FRC game: SteamWorks. In order to maximize our scoring capability while staying within our limits, the team decided to approach the game from a Gear delivery, Play Defense, and Climb strategy.


Alpha's excellent performance at her debut at the Orange County Regional, won the Highest Rookie Seed Award and Rookie Allstar Award which is the highest honor a rookie team could be awarded and qualified us to attend the FRC World Championships in Houston, TX.


At the FRC World Championships, which hosted over 400 teams from 22 different states and 12 different country, Alpha came in second place in the Turing division finals and Alpha's functional design won the prestigious Creativity for Design & Function Award sponsored by Xerox. 

At Beach Blitz Off-Season Competition, Alpha had a new drive team learning to drive, operate, and feed her gears. It was scary at first, but in the end, Alpha finished in 4th place and went on the the semifinals. 

Size: 32"x24"x24"

Weight: 99.5 lbs

Speed: 14.7 Fps


14 Second Gear Cycles

5 Second Climb